Solar swing gate opener - single

Listed below are important facts on this gate opener and if you should have any further questions, please call our office and speak with our staff:

  • Max gate size: 4mtrs
  • Max gate weight: 250kgs
  • Gate must stop onto the post in the closed position and open onto a stop in the open position eg. picket, peg into the ground etc.
  • Approximate 50 openings and 50 closings on a fully charged battery
  • Takes 4 hours of full sun on the panel to fully re-charge the battery
  • To recharge the battery only requires 2 hours on a battery charger 
  • Solar panel can be place up to 30mtrs from the control box and should face north 
  • The arm can be placed on the bottom rail if the gate is around 3.5mtrs long, however, if the gate is at the 4mtr length the actuator arm must be mounted on a middle bar through the gate, please see picture
  • Flat brackets are supplied in the kit for the actuator arm to attach to the gate and post, however, if your gate is tubular or your gate post is round, you have the option of purchasing the round brackets to suit (see pictures to the side)
  • The push button requires fine speaker wire to connect to the control board
  • Auto close can be set for 30, 60 or 120 seconds
  • Gates can swing either into the property or outwards with arms on either outside or inside
  • This opener is not recommend for gates that are fully enclosed such as, slates, colourbond panels etc.
  • Do you require a gate lock for added extra security to your gate (suits gate up to 3.6mtrs long)GATE LOCK INFO CLICK HERE

What's the best angle to place my solar panel at for my area?

  • Brisbane 38° angle
  • Sydney 45° angle
  • Melbourne 50° angle
  • Tasmania 56° angle
  • Adelaide 48° angle
  • Darwin 14° angle
  • Perth 43° angle
  • 0° being flat and 90° being vertical
Solar swing gate opener - single


  • 1 x Stainless steel actuator arms
  • 1 x Outdoor Control Box
  • 1 x 20 watt solar panel with 10mtrs of cable and mounting bracket
  • 3 x Remotes with Receiver
  • 1 x 12v 12ah Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 x Rubber Gate Stop
  • 1 x Push Button
  • 1 x Installation manual and guide template
  • 12 months warranty back to base

Optional Extras

Pre-wire $40

  • Complete wire up of receiver to control board
  • Push button (if required) connector wired into control board with example wires for push button
  • Example wires connected to regulator terminals for the solar panel (showing correct wire colours)
  • Battery cables connected to regulator
  • Example wires connected to actuator terminals on control board (showing correct wire colours) and allowing for correct push or pull on gate

 Round Gate Brackets $20ea

 Highly recommended if you have a round tube gate (farm gate)


 Round Post Brackets $20ea

 You are provided with a flat post bracket in the kit, however if you have a round post you can purchase a round post bracket for an easy install


 Gate Lock $100

 Wires direct into the control board of the gate opener and provides high security on your driveway gate 


  Photo Cells $40/pr

  Detects movement in the gate area when closing, photos cells are triggered and the gate stops and re-opens


  Keypad $95

 Wires direct into the control box, pin codes can be entered and deleted


    Access Push Button $20

   Wired into control board / provides entry or exit to property


     Wireless Intercom $120

    4xAA (not included) batteries in the speaker unit and the hand held set plugs direct into 240 power inside the house




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Solar swing gate opener - single